Tribal Board (above)
Each shaman has their own tribal board.  Zimbies that are in play but not on the main board reside on their shaman's tribal board.  The tribal board on the right has 6 zimbies on it (4 active, 2 depleted) and 4 mojo tokens on it (3 active, 1 depleted).

Main Board (left)
The main board is the map of the King's compound, complete with the 4 shrine tiles and the King's sanctum in the center.  All the real action takes place on the main board.  Especially when the Crown drops!


The annotated game board (right) shows how the pieces come together.

A.  This is where the Cannibal King begins play... in the blood mist!

B.  This is where the King's thugs start play.  Then they start patrolling!

C.  This is where the players' tribal boards connect to the main board.  The two tiles on the main board directly in line with where a player's tribal board connects are "witchery active."  This means that a player may channel witcheries through an active zimby on their tribal board targeting those tiles or creatures on those tiles!

A quadrant is a section of the main board.  Its is the area covered by and encompassed by an outer patrol route.  Each quadrant contains 1 shrine tile, 1 portal tile,  and 2 points of connection for players' tribal boards.