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Seekers of a Hidden Light is an add-on to the game Shadows of Malice.  It is not a standalone game and requires Shadows of Malice to play.  The story behind the expansion is here.  You can read the rulebook here.

Seekers of a Hidden Light adds quests and Lux to the game. Quests are specific tasks the avatars must accomplish, assigned by Mystics and rewarded with soulshards and potions... and Lux.  Specialized mages called Alcheme and Lumere use the Lux harvested from quest items to brew extremely powerful potions or carve powerful runes on an avatar's item.  Armed with Lux Potions and Lux Runes, the avatars are superbly suited to devastate the Shadows and thwart the Shadow Lord's scheme for world domination.

Seekers of a Hidden Light also introduces bait to the game.  Using bait tokens, the avatars can more easily provoke out-of-lair encounters (very important for fulfilling most quests) and influence the type of creature encountered!

You can purchase Seekers of a Hidden Light here.