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Lead a Lesser House!

In Dȗhr, players are the masters of Lesser Houses,  families of note and distiction seeking to rise from lesser to greater nobility.  You can check out the Houses here and read the rules here.  You can find some quick reference sheets here!


As master of a Lesser house, you seek to elevate your House to Great House status.  You advance your objectives by planting suspicions and scandals on your rival Houses.  The accumulation of suspicions and scandals will eventually drive a House into disfavor with the population of Dȗhr and undermine their claim to Great House status.  Given enough scandal, your House may be vilified by the people of Dȗhr and your goal will shift to overthrowing the House Royal and setting up a new Family Royal under your control!

Interaction not deduction

Dȗhr is NOT a social deduction game!  While Dȗhr uses elements of deduction, it is first and foremost a game of social interaction, bluffing, and deal-making to maximize a score.  Deals may be made at any time, even when it is not your turn, and may include any terms you find expedient... cards from your hand, a bit of secret information, a promise... 

Learn About the Game

Got a minute?  Why not take a quick look at the Lesser Houses and the reference guides? They're pretty cool! And if its reviews that you are after, you can check out Space-Biff and Player Elimination!