Shadows of Malice is out of print. However, Seekers of a Hidden light and Hunger of a Shadow Vile are still available.

We are extremely appreciative of the wonderful uptake Shadows of Malice enjoyed, and encourage those interested in details and feedback about the game from actual players to visit the Shadows of Malice page on boardgamegeek page and the reviews section of this site.

If you are interested in learning more about Shadows of Malice, please take a few moments to check out the game's:

Players control avatars, heroic champions imbued with the power of Light and a unique mastery over Light.  Each turn, the players move through the Realm, confronting their fate, battling creatures with deadly abilities, and engaging the services of cities and mystics in order to gather the potions, treasure and soulshards they will need to defeat the stronghold Guardians, now mindless and aggressive defenders of their Wells.  The Light or Dark nature of each Well is revealed only when its Guardian is defeated.  Meanwhile, Xulthul’s Shadows are thickening in the Shadow Realm… preparing their own malice…

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