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We had a great debut at GenCon 2014!

Devious Weasel Games was proud to have three exceptionally talented dancers from the outstanding and provocative Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre perform an original dance for booth visitors.  From left to right: Heather Helene King, Dana Backes, and Alannah Cataldo.  You can read their bios here.

Dance A.JPG

Every hour, the three Sisters of Aethos performed a 3:00 minute contemporary dance to the song "Shadows."  The music was graciously donated for their use by Midnight Syndicate.  We owe our thanks to: Mr. Gregory Hancock; the magnificent Heather, Dana, and Alannah; and Midnight Syndicate! 


Click on the dancers to see their dance!  Please do not repost without attribution to the dancers and to Midnight Syndicate!