Expand your game!  Have a weapon geared against reptilids?  Get some bait and head into the forest.  Your armor grants extra protection against terrovans?  Use some bait to make your soulshard farming run more smoothly in the mountains.

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But, even better than all that... visit the Mystics and undertake a quest that will bring you valuable soulshards and useful potions as you build the Solux of Lux.  And when you have accrued enough Lux -- behold the awesome potency of the Lux potions and the immense power of the Lux Runes at your disposal!  Armed with  Lux, the Shadows will cower before you and Xulthul itself will feel fear...

Seekers of a Hidden Light is an enhancement
 to the game Shadows of Malice.
Shadows of Malice
is required to play!

Will you succeed where so many others have fallen?  Will you replenish the Solux and allow the Mystics to summon the Alcheme and the Lumere from the Void Beyond The Gates?  Will you unleash the very essence of Light against the minions of the Lord of Shadow?