Seekers of a Hidden Light is an enhancement
 to the game Shadows of Malice.
Shadows of Malice
is required to play!

What is in the box.png
Click image to purchase!

Click image to purchase!


In the box, you get:

A nifty, small-profile rulebook
A deck of Lux Potions
A deck of Lux Runes
A whole bunch of bait
32 Quest cards
And a whole bunch of tokens... including...
Sun Wells and Dead Wells
 Lux tokens
Power tokens
Quest tokens

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That's a really good question!  Here's a really good answer...

1.  You will be supporting a teeny, tiny, start-up
company that did not use crowd-funding (that's
    right -- no Kickstarter, no Indiegogo, etc.).

2. Your product will ship FREE via priority mail in
     the U.S. (that's really fast).  Contact us for shipping
outside the U.S.

3. You get some cool extra swag for FREE with your game:
a special set of 9 playable promotional cards!*  (Pretty cool, huh?)

Order now!  Why wait?  Aethos is already falling into the Dark!  Buy Seekers of a Hidden Light now!

* While supplies last