King's Rituals Title.png

The King's Rituals

The king has 8 rituals he can use to cause pain and outrage among the shamans.  At the start of a game, the players shuffle all the ritual tokens together, face down, and randomly choose 4 to place by the ritual tiles in the King's sanctum.  These 4 rituals will be active in the game.  The other 4 rituals are set aside for another game.  Of course, no one should know which rituals are in play until the King reveals them...

Ritual of Blood
The players roll X = 1d6.  The blood mist roils and swells until it fills all the tiles in the King’s sanctum and X-many contiguous, adjacent tiles beyond the sanctum in all directions.  Creatures caught in the blood mist suffer 1 wound.  Blood mist passes freely through elemental warded tiles and vanishes at the end of the King’s turn.

Ritual of Hunger
The King sends forth a wave of irresistable and insatiable hunger that affects all the shamans.  Roll X = 1d2.  All shamans must eat X-many zimbies on their tribal boards and send them to the Far Shore.  No mojo or scrolls may be gained from this forced cannibalism.

Ritual of Discord.png

Ritual of Discord
Choose a random quadrant.  Multi-zimby columns in that quadrant bicker and squable amongst themselves.  Every zimby column in the quadrant containing 2 or more zimbies expels all but 1 randomly chosen zimby.

Ritual of Winnowing.png

Ritual of Winnowing
Each player draws two random cards from the player to their left and looks at them.  Each player then puts their choice of one of the two cards into their hand and the other on the discard pile.

Ritual of Exhaustion.png

Ritual of Exhaustion
The King weakens the shamans by draining their mojo.  Roll X = 2d2.  All shamans must deplete X-many of their mojo tokens.  No mojo may be drawn from the depleted tokens until they are reactivated.

Ritual of Portals.png

Ritual of Portals
The King flushes the portal system.  Choose a random portal tile and roll X = 1d6.  Expel all creatures within X-many contiguous, adjacent tiles of that portal tile. 

Ritual of Ash.png

Ritual of Madness
The King destroys some of the scrolls the shamans have raided from his library.  All players must randomly discard 2 scroll cards from their hand.

Ritual of Terror.png

Ritual of Terror
Choose a random quadrant.  All zimbies in that quadrant are stunned by the terrifying aspect of the Cannibal King.  Deplete all zimby columns in that quadrant.  Depleted creatures may not be zombified, move, attack, or channel mojo or witcheries.  Depleted creatures may defend with brutality 0 when attacked and become active during refresh.  Thugs and zombies are unaffected by this ritual.