Cities is a limited-release, moderated card game for students and professionals designed to enhance their understanding of economic principals, improve their strategic thinking, and hone their decision making skills in a rapidly changing environment characterized by sparse information and shifting coalitions.

To play Cities, players combine resources to develop specialized labor, construct building components, and found cities.  Players are free to trade cards at any time during the game, form lasting or fluid coalitions, and buy or sell information with whatever currency they find expedient.

Cities is designed for large groups of players, typically 20 to 120 people, in a collective setting (e.g., classrooms, conferences, corporate team building venues).  The game is moderated by a designated referee responsible for delivering resources.  Although designed to be fun, Cities targets five principle goals:

  1. Increase players' interaction and span of personal and/or professional network.
  2. Immerse players in a fast-paced, market-driven decision environment where outcomes are driven by their own choices and the choices of others.
  3. Give players an appreciation for the value and limitations of leading and lagging indicators in a dynamic environment.
  4. Give players an opportunity to develop and execute strategies in a fast-paced, resource-constrained environment marked by incomplete information, shifting coalitions and potential ethical challenges.
  5. Give players a new perspective of the role and relevance of analytics and applicability of decision making principles in a dynamic environment.

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