Click image to purchase!

Click image to purchase!

Click on the zimby with the Crown to order your very own copy!

What is in the box.png

In the box, you get everything you see here!

     *   A 21 x 21 inch board and 8 3 x 5 inch tribal boards
     *   A well-written rulebook with wicked artwork
     *   A deck of 104 scroll cards and 4 cheat sheet cards
     *   8 zimby tribe tokens (16 zimby and 2 zombie tokens)+
     *   5 enemy tokens (1 Cannibal King and 4 thugs)
     *   The dreaded "Bag o' Fate"
     *   A punch board of mojo, obstacles, seals, wards, and rituals
     *   Oh yeah... and some dice.

+Some stickering required      

Why buy from publisher.png

That's a really good question!  Here's a really good answer...

  1. You will be supporting a teeny, tiny, start-up company that did not use crowd-funding (that's right -- no Kickstarter, no Indiegogo, etc.).
  2. Your product will ship FREE via priority mail in the U.S. (that's really fast).  It will ship via U.S. priority mail international outside the U.S.
  3. You get a set of 2016 Zimby Mojo promo cards with your order!  Let's see someone else give you that!

Order now!  Why wait?  The King is ripe for killing!  Buy Zimby Mojo now!